There are many different places to find kitchen design inspiration. In the event of a kitchen remodel or renovation, you may want to review different kitchen designs for inspiration. We will detail the best places to find a variety of different kitchens, their looks and design trends to look out for.

Google “kitchen renovation companies” and check out their portfolio

When you google kitchen renovation companies in Google you will find kitchens companies that are proud to show off their hard work. Our portfolio page is also used for inspiration when our clients are browsing the website. The portfolio galleries can help you understand what is trending and give you ideas as to how to make it “yours”.

Certain designs, colour combinations and creative thinking may not be a great idea until you see them in the images. For example, a kitchen that blends both dark and light colours may not be your first choice in design but when you see the images you might think otherwise. The same goes for similar colour tastes as well as contrasting colour tastes.

It is a great idea to do some research on what is trending and what looks clean and modern because then the design won’t look dated in only a few years.

Google images search

The Google image search can also be a fun example of getting inspiring kitchen design designs for your next renovation. There is an enormous amount of images you can browse. Everything from modern kitchens to small kitchens or even realtor designs.

There are so many to choose from, you can browse all the tabs on your PC and start getting inspiration for your kitchen remodel. It can seem like it’s a showcase for the best kitchen renovations and remodels on the planet.

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Go ahead and give it a try. This is a great option for people who don’t like the social media methods below.

Home design and decor blogs and magazines

Home design magazines are readily available here in South Africa. Virtually every PnP, Spar or even petrol station convenience store have these magazines on their shelves.

Some of the most popular are House and GardenSA Home Owner and the Garden and Home magazines.

All these magazines have stunning kitchens and interior design ideas. They certainly can come in handy in the beginning. Some of our clients cut out the images and create a mood board of all their ideas. This allows the creative juices to flow. It certainly can help you visualise everything you would want and need in a kitchen.


Instagram is a great visual platform. Using the search function, you can type in a bunch of hashtags that you would like to view. These hashtags can show you millions of different Instagram posts that have the hashtag in the caption.

Some good ones are:


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Bespoke Designs - Screenshot 2023 02 07 at 14.43.08 - kitchen design inspiration


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It is worth noting that some posts may be rubbish and have spam images but it is still worth a look. I do tend to like Pinterest more for getting inspired but each to their own. If you are comfortable with Instagram or prefer it, by all means use it for kitchen design inspiration.


Pinterest is my favourite place to search for design inspiration. I have over 1000 pins on different interior designs and kitchen styles on my profile. If I have to choose just one source for inspiration, this would be it!

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Great searches:

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Kitchen inspiration
  • Modern kitchens
  • Stunning kitchens

The list is endless!

I would advise everyone to hop onto Pinterest via desktop or mobile and create a board and start pinning ideas together. The number of ideas that you can come up with for your next kitchen renovation may be completely overwhelming.

Seeing the ideas visually and helping you piece the new design together can be a fun process to do with your significant other.

Well, there you have the 5 best places to find kitchen design inspiration for when you start your kitchen renovation project. If you need a new kitchen or would like a re-fresh, please contact us today to discuss your project.

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