We often wondered to ourselves “how often should I renovate or remodel my kitchen”? How often should I update things? As time goes on, preferences change and design trends also change. Updating and improving the design for the kitchen can have many benefits – it’s not just for the trend setters. These benefits include increasing the value to your home or just curbing the general wear and tear of the kitchen.

We are going to be discussing the difference between the kitchen renovation and remodel. How often you should renovate your kitchen and knowing when you should start a renovation. I’ve also included a few additional kitchen remodel and renovation tips for when you decide to renovate the kitchen.

What is the Difference between Kitchen Remodeling and Kitchen Renovation

There is a notable difference between a kitchen remodel and a renovation. However, most of the time the words are used interchangeably. Technically speaking, a remodel is changing the actual form of something, in this case, a kitchen. An example of this is breaking down a few walls to create an open-plan kitchen. That would be a remodel. 

A renovation would be removing the kitchen and replacing it with the new kitchen. An example would be breaking out the cupboards, countertops and maybe retiling. Then the specialist would replace the cupboards, doors and countertops with updated equipment and finishes.

As you can imagine, a remodel involves a lot more work, design innovation and may require approval from The Council or City of Cape Town and such before building work can commence.

In South Africa, we usually just use the word kitchen renovation to describe any kitchen renovation or remodeling that we are doing. Having said that, as you’re explaining to the kitchen contractors, they will likely understand what you are talking about. They would be able to best advise as to what you are looking for and how to go about creating, renovating or remodeling your dream kitchen.

Update or renovation frequency

The general consensus is that one should update their kitchen or renovate it every  10 to 15 years. We have had clients renovate the kitchen every 5 years to keep up with design trends, however, that is incredibly rare.

Unless you are obsessed with design changes and design trends, you will usually find that people only renovate their kitchens every 10 to 15 years. There are other reasons why you would do it sooner than that though.

Only renovate or Remodel Your Kitchen Only as Needed

A person should only renovate or remodel the kitchen when it’s necessary. There is no point in renovating or remodeling your kitchen every few years just because you feel like it. It is a time-consuming job, expensive and you may not have access to the kitchen for an entire month during that period.

Knowing when your kitchen is outdated

Kitchens do tend to get outdated. Design trends change and evolve. New appliances take up more space. The last thing you would want in modern times is to bring friends or family over and your kitchen looks like it comes straight out of a 1970s design advertisement. Modern design is cleaner, more impressive looking and has features unheard of even 20 years ago.

Reasons for updating your kitchen

There are many reasons why you would want to update your kitchen. We have broken down 7 popular reasons why someone would want to renovate the kitchen. Renovating the kitchen needs to happen sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why.

Changing Lifestyle Which Needs An Upgrade in Your Kitchen

Changes in lifestyle sometimes require kitchen renovation. It may have something to do with the homeowner aging. Perhaps the cupboard space needs to be changed in order for them to reach the items or the design and layout needs a change.

Another lifestyle change may lead to the homeowner adapting a healthy lifestyle and decide they need to do more home cooking. A change to more healthy eating, would mean that the individual would make and prepare more food at home. They may also require different appliances to help cook and prepare their healthy meals.

If the kitchen is damaged or destroyed

It is certainly without a doubt that when the kitchen is badly damaged or in need of repair it might be best to just renovate the kitchen. There are numerous times when this could happen. For example, the recent flooding in KZN that has damaged numerous homes, would certainly destroy among other things the kitchen cupboards.

If there is flood damage to your home the first thing that is going to be damaged would be the wooden items. As we know water and wood don’t mix well. The wood will swell and warp and would need replacing.

You Want To increase Your Property’s Value and speed of resale

If you are in the market to sell your home, a kitchen renovation would likely assist in the speed of the sale and increase the property value.

If you would like to increase the value of your property and speed up the ability to sell the home – this would be a start.

A kitchen is usually the first place people look at when buying a home. We have found that a renovation to the kitchen can improve the speed at which your home is sold. This might be because interested buyers would know they would need to spend all their money on renovating the kitchen if it isn’t up to a suitable standard.

This alone is a popular and large reason why renovations happen.

When You Need more Kitchen Storage space

With a growing family the homeowner may find over the years that you need more kitchen storage space. Having a kitchen renovated for the purpose of having all the shelfspace and increasing the cupboard storage space would be a wise idea.

Kitchen storage space could be made up of traditional shelf space, cleverly built cupboards or alternatively an island in the middle of the kitchen to provide additional counter space and storage space.

An island certainly can help when preparing food for a large family. This may be a go-to option in these cases.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear in a kitchen is notorious for shortening the lifespan of a kitchen. The frequency of use in the kitchen is a major factor in how frequently you would need to renovate your kitchen. General wear and tear could mean that every 15 years a refresh of your kitchen would be necessary.

As cupboard handles get pulled out, slides and hinges take a beating being used daily, doors and countertops also start showing their age. It’s worth giving your kitchen a new lease on life by performing a renovation. New kitchen carcasses, countertops, cupboard doors with good quality hinges and slides should see your kitchen going strong for another 15 years.

Changing Styles

Changing of styles is another reason you would want to renovate your kitchen. 15 minutes on Pinterest and you will be amazed at all the different kitchen styles being showcased. A change in your kitchen style could be as a result of inspiration derived from being online and wanting to breathe fresh life into your kitchen.

Improving Functionality

We have already touched on functionality. However, it is really worth going over again. Function should always be over design or aesthetics! Improving the layout or functionality of a kitchen is certainly a good thing when it comes to day to day living.

The frustrations may certainly be felt when the morning rush is in full swing or the evening dinner is being prepared. Why make life any more difficult?

Kitchen renovation/ remodel tips:

How long should a kitchen last?

A well built and designed kitchen should generally last about 15 – 20 years.

How to Get the Most out of Kitchen Renovation

Put Functionality First

Function over fashion as they say. This is one of many reasons a kitchen would be renovated. Always ensure your kitchen layout “makes sense”.

Be smart about your storage space

Lack of storage space is a reason why kitchens get a renovation. With a family that needs cupboard space for pots, pans, tupperware and other goods – you should never skimp on storage space.

Ensure you have more than enough countertop space

Another thing you shouldn’t skimp on is counterspace. Most of our enquiries say “they need more counter space”. Please don’t let this become an afterthought as it can be an expensive mistake.

If you would like to view our kitchen renovation services or would like to contact us, you are more than welcome.

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